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Riven and Riven for iPad are very large applications. We’ve managed to optimized Riven to less than half of its original DVD size. But it’s still a large iOS App, so please be patient - download times and syncing times can be longer.

Because of the way iOS devices install apps, you may need extra free space on your device to install Riven. Once it's installed you can use the extra space again.


A gentleman named Atrus needs your help - seems as if you’ve given him a hand before. He gives you some books, tells you there is no way back, and mysteriously links you on your way. Suddenly you find yourself in a cage with some goofy looking guard guy trying to tell you something in a language you don’t understand. The first thing you should know is that everything you see is purposeful - there is not much fluff, so pay attention. The second thing you should know is it’s not easy to die. So relax and explore.

Riven is meant to be immersive - to draw you in and become your world. Explore. There are very few dead-ends. You may think you’ve hit a wall, but there is usually a way around it.

The best advice is to pay attention to detail, and collect all the information you can. Get a notebook or journal, and write down anything that seems even vaguely appropriate - you’ll be glad you did.

You can also take a “snapshot” of the current screen using the screen capture feature of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Just hold down the Home button, then push the Sleep/Wake button. After the flash, your screen snapshot can be found in your photo album.

Those bits and pieces of information are the pieces of the puzzle that come together to reveal the story of Riven that you’re now a part of. The key to experiencing Riven is to lose yourself in the worlds - act and react as if you were really there.


The first thing you’ll want to do is wander around a bit - explore your surroundings; get the lay of the land. If you haven’t figured it out already you just touch the screen to move. See a path you want to follow? Touch the path and you’ll move in that direction. Want to turn around and see what’s behind you? Touch the side of the screen and you’ll pivot left or right. If you prefer you can also swipe to turn.


You’ll stumble on some objects you want to interact with - like doors, or switches, or devices. In most cases simply touching the objects will produce the desired result. Touching an unlocked door will open it - and touching again will close it.

Some objects can be small, so touch them as accurately as possible. (If you need more detail on iPhone or iPod touch, you can double-tap (or un-pinch) the screen to zoom in. Double-tapping a second time (or pinching) will return to the standard size.)

Some objects (certain large valves or levers or switches) might also respond to dragging - moving the object with your finger. Try touching an object first - if it doesn’t seem to respond, maybe you can pull it or rotate it by dragging.

There are a small number of items that you can carry along with you. If you click one of these items you’ll notice that it appears in the lower left part of the screen. When you need to use one of these items you can drag it from the bottom of the screen to where you want to use it.

There are movies that play during your Riven exploration. If you're impatient, and you've seen the movie before, it's possible to jump to the end of the movie by clicking the “skip forward” symbol in the upper right of the screen (or on the iPad version by double tapping with two fingers anywhere on the screen.) Be careful using this option, because you may not get another chance to get information that is provided by certain movies.

Occasionally you may see a symbol at the top of the screen that indicates that you can’t touch the screen. This is because a movie, animation, sound, or something else has to finish. Relax, stretch your neck, and take a deep breath. Good. Now you can continue.  


If you're fatootsed and find yourself in the mood for some subtle help you can shake your iOS device to reveal where there might be objects to interact with on the current screen. Hot-spots will be highlighted and then fade out slowly. There is also an option to have the hot-spot hints come on automatically after you haven't done anything for a while.

Need a a bit more? Try the Riven Hint Guide. But, use it sparingly - you’ll feel much better about yourself.


In the lower right of the screen is the Info/Option button. Touching it will flip the screen to the Riven Options panel. There are several options available...

  1. Bookmark and Return: Your progress while playing is saved automatically at various times during your journey, so you don’t have to bookmark at all. But this option is useful if you would like to mark a particular point of your progress so you can return there. Drag the image of the current location to one of the four bookmark slots to create a backup of your current game.

  2. Bookmarks can be handy if you get frustrated and want to, for example, return to the Temple Island and try something else. But keep in mind that returning to a bookmark will “turn back the pages” of the game to the way it was when you placed the bookmark.

  3. Sound Volume: (Not on iPad version - use side volume buttons) This is the system volume level. You can also access this with the volume control buttons on the side of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  4. If your sound is not playing even with the volume all the way up you may have your sound switch off. Some devices will indicate this by displaying “No Volume Available”.

  5. We highly recommend that you play Riven with headphones. The small external speakers, particularly on some models of the iPod touch, will not reproduce all of the sounds in Riven - making some of the sound-based exploration almost impossible.

  6. If you have an applicable Bluetooth headset device paired with your iOS device you may have a control for that here, too.

  7. Transition Speed: Set the speed that the screens change as you explore. Setting the slider to Off (or Zip) makes the screen changes instant - no dissolves or pans at all.

  8. Interface Buttons: The button for the Options (lower right) and the Movie Skip Forward (upper right) can be set to be very visible or almost transparent. Even if you make the buttons almost transparent they are still functional.

  9. Hotspot Hints: This sets the amount of idle time before hot-spot hints are highlighted. You can always shake the device to show the hints regardless of this setting.

  10. Help (and Hints): Touching this button gives you this information on your iOS device.

  11. Credits: The names of the talented folks that made Riven possible.

More Hints: Hint Guide

Support: Knowledgebase & Bugs

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