Cyan Announces Lore Partnership

For years now Cyan fans have spun up different websites for the different  aspects of our games’ lore. We are so grateful for the creativity and excitement so many of you bring to this community! Unfortunately, with so many disparate resources and repositories out there, over the years much of that work has been lost as people move on, information goes offline, and links “rot.” We want to change that!

We are delighted to announce that as part of the Lore Project, Cyan Worlds, Inc. will be utilizing the Guild of Archivists website as the Official wiki for the Myst franchise!

The Lore Team knows how important the preservation of the franchise’s mythos and our community’s history is, and wants to ensure it can live on a continuing platform which is not filled with ads or subject to shutting down.

To that end, while Alahmnat will still remain the Guild’s Grand Master, today Cyan is formally committing to providing server space and our support to ensure the Archive and other Guild of Archivists resources will remain online, independent, and ad-free forever!.

Alahmnat says: “We are honored Cyan has chosen to recognize all of the work put into our wiki by its contributors over the years, and we look forward to the opportunities that this partnership will provide in the years to come.”

Now comes the other exciting part… We can’t do it without YOU!. This community needs your help to grow the wiki and the lore. You can participate by contributing material or support to the Guild of Archivists!

Contact Alahmnat through the website at or Direct Message him on the Official Cyan Chat Discord if you are interested in helping out. 

Thank you for supporting us always!

AREA MAN LIVES takes on Boston 

Hey all! Ryan from Cyan Ventures here, and I’m excited to be back from Boston with incredible things to talk about. Since we have returned, the Numinous Team has been actively working on multiple aspects of AREA MAN LIVES. In this post I’ll introduce you to the team and discuss some of the highlights of our trip. Let’s get rolling…

This was my second time in Boston. You might remember a group of us from Cyan travelled to  PAX last year to show Firmament in the Kickstarter Forest and help the Eagre team with ZED. As a person who generally stays on the west coast, let me say, I love Boston. 

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AREA MAN LIVES – A new collaboration between Numinous Games and Cyan Ventures

We announced Cyan Ventures with the belief that now is the time to explore the possibilities in VR storytelling. Our goal is to foster visionary game narratives from independent developers. It is for this reason we are excited to announce our next venture into this space.  

“AREA MAN LIVES” is a collaboration between Numinous Games the award winning studio that created THAT DRAGON, CANCER and Cyan Ventures This is a re-imagining and completion of a former title developed by Numinous Games named Untethered.

For those unfamiliar with the project, AREA MAN LIVES sets the player in the hot seat as a small town radio show DJ. As the game begins, the on-air sign lights up, and the producer reminds the player that they have to speak, out loud, to begin the show. The player continues to interact with their voice, recording commercials and interviewing callers. They play records and pass the time with their odd-duck producer until their shift ends. Only when local townspeople start calling in does the player discover just how strange their coastal community can be. When the stakes are raised, can the player do anything to prevent the death of the area man who insists on saving the day?


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Cyan Ventures acquires Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and Beyond.


Cyan Ventures

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Cyan Ventures acquires Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and Beyond.  

Award-winning Myst studio Cyan brings tabletop roleplaying game Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and Beyond into its family of games


Mead, WA: In 2013, Cyan authorized one of the first 3rd party works in the D’ni universe since Myst IV: Revelation – the tabletop roleplaying game Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and Beyond. 

Following Inkworks Productions, LLC’s wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Unwritten has become a consistently popular way for both long-time fans and those new to D’ni to explore the Ages. 

With this in mind, and with Cyan’s refreshed new vision,
Unwritten is being made an official part of the Cyan family of products. Cyan Ventures has acquired Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of Myst and Beyond and its assets from parent company Inkworks Productions, LLC.

Small revisions will be made to the existing Unwritten manuscript to reflect the new ownership, and the revised version will be available in the future from the Cyan Store, as well as from DriveThruRPG. Future versions of the Unwritten core rule book, future supplements, or other related products will be published by Cyan Ventures, in partnership with Inkworks. Inkworks will remain the primary developer for the Unwritten product line.

Cyan and Inkworks are excited about this new chapter for Unwritten, and they look forward to seeing what new lore can be uncovered and what stories can be told!

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