“A web site has been built. And because of that, a Link has been created. Use it!” – Esher (Myst V)

The worlds that Cyan has brought to life are big – too big for us to categorize and contain all by ourselves. Many of our friends and fans have done a fantastic job of documenting and organizing. Here are a few links to some sites that might be helpful – whether you just want a little bit of info, or you want to fall deep into the rabbit hole.

(If you have a link that adds something more, please send us an email.)

Myst Reference Links

D’ni Explorers Guild – Share the Journey
Dictionary of D’ni Language – Learn the Language
DRC Site – The D’ni Restoration Council (Uru/Myst Online)
Myst Community Site – Connect and Contribute
Myst Journey – An “All Things Myst” Site
Myst & Riven Illustrated – Images and Pictures

D’ni Guild Links

Guild of Archivists – Wiki of Myst Related Info
Guild of Cartographers – Maps and More
Guild of Greeters – Welcome to Myst & D’ni
Guild of Linguists – D’ni Language Arts
Guild of Maintainers – Maintain the Ages
Guild of Messengers – Get the Latest News
Guild of Writers – Become a D’ni Writer

International Links

El diccionario D’ni – Español – D’ni en Español
Mysterium – Myst Fansite (Deutsch & English)

Other Interesting Links

When Multimedia was Black & White – Early Cyan Games
Guerrillas in the Myst – 1993 Wired Magazine Article
Lostpedia – Myst’s connection to the TV show Lost
Mayonnaise Jar – Wow! $29?
Cyan Chat
Unwritten RPG – Unwritten is an awesome RPG published under license from Cyan with specific rights granting use of the Intellectual Property.
Krochet Kids – Empower people to rise above poverty

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