• Vicki

    • Name: Victoria (Vicki) Almond
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2003
    • Vicki started at Cyan late summer 2003, just before Karl was hired on. She was hired on in a short-term position as a tester on URU: Ages Beyond Myst and she hasn’t left the building since. Not only does she like to write, analyze stuff, break stuff, and boss people around (only while at work, of course!), she loves to make art of all kinds in her free time. She also loves the outdoors, cooking, and having a good time with friends and family.

  • Blake

    • Name: Blake Lewin
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2014
    • Industry experience: Blake has been doing business development in the interactive industry for almost 30 years. He created several game distribution networks (GameTap / GameTreeTV) and is published as far away as Mars (yes, the planet). Blake started working with Cyan back in 1999, while he was at Turner Broadcasting with a crazy idea for a Myst TV show (that linked to a game). Through a very long series of events, which included releasing URU on GameTap, Blake is now doing business development for Cyan and working very hard to make sure that Myst finally becomes a TV show (and maybe link to a game).
    • Favorite Games: Donkey Kong Country, Riven, Halo 3, Portal 2, BioShock Infinite
  • Jason

    • Name: Jason Calvert
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2003
    • Jason has been programming and working with video game technologies for 15+ years. He received his degree in Computer Science from Eastern Washington University. He started at Cyan in 2003, and has worked on Uru, Myst V, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition, and Obduction. He has also worked on games for Nickelodeon, and MTV. He also plays Electric Bass, spends time in the gym regularly, plays the occasional game of Tennis, has a Red Belt in Taekwondo, and loves Shawarma and Pho.

  • Jeremiah

    • Name: Jeremiah Castro
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2007
    • Jeremiah is a Montana native who moved to the Spokane area to attend college (one of his instructors was a former Cyan employee even!). He originally started working at Cyan shortly after his graduation in 2007. Since then he’s been involved with Cyan’s more recent projects, as well as working with other local software companies. When he’s not working you might catch him floating the river, taking and editing photos (he’s a proud mobile-phone photographer!), watching/playing things with zombies or outer-space, and occasionally writing short stories.

  • Brandon

    • Name: Brandon Collins
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2016
    • I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a B.S. in C.S. I have been a playing games all my life so I wanted to be a part of making them. I have an amazing wife and two amazing kids. Life doesn’t get much better than spending time with them and acting silly.

    • Favorite games: Suikoden 1 & 2, Disgaea series, Civ 5, Mass Effect Series, D&D, Mario Kart.
  • Gabriel

    • Name: Gabriel Cudmore
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2016
    • Fresh blood for the game creating world Gabriel (as he would like to go as but no one calls him) has recently joined the QA team. He loves to practice the guitar, play video games and learning code and all things video game, he’s still quite the spring chicken though. He comes to work everyday excited and ready for anything, the world is full of adventure and he is the pioneer!

  • Mark

    • Name: Mark DeForest (aka Chogon)
    • Year Started at Cyan: Jan, 1995
    • Industry Experience: Manhole Masterpiece, Riven, Myst, realMyst, Uru (and all expansion packs), Myst V, MystOnline:UruLive, Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle, MagiQuest Online, Mars Live, Storybricks, Lilly Looking Through. And a bunch of unreleased games: *o*o* *o**** o**o, ****, *******, o******o*, o******, **** (Sorry, that got redacted. Oh, wait. One of them might get released!)
    • Favorite Food: Pho (Thanks Chanh!)
    • Games playing: “Badland”(I like moody games) and “An Alien with a Magnet” (and I like goofy games)
  • Mike

    • Name: Michael Dogherra
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2006
    • The Michael Dogherra is a revolutionary video game machine. With the Michael Dogherra, you too can become part of the action. With eye catching graphics*, mind blowing sound, and a large library of games*, the Michael Dogherra will become your world! Installing the Michael Dogherra into your living room will open you to a vast array of new and exciting media features such as music playback! With the Michael Dogherra interactive video system, the fun will never stop!*

      *Eye catching graphics based on 1953 report

      *Games expected to release within retail life of machine, TBD

      *Extended usage may cause the fun to stop, please use caution when operating the Michael Dogherra for long periods.

  • Marc

    • Name: Marc Ferrell
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2008
    • Marc Ferrell (°1989, Spokane, United States) is an artist who works in a variety of media. By parodying mass media by exaggerating certain formal aspects inherent to our contemporary society, Ferrell tries to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels, which incite the viewer to make new personal associations. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and fresh coffee.

  • Tony

    • Name: Tony Fryman
    • Year Started at Cyan: 1995
    • Born in Texas. Schooled in Texas/Florida to become a pilot. Worked/Played in Alaska for eight years (oil field/aviation). Worked/Married/Children in Texas for eight years (aviation). Worked/Aged in Spokane as a Cyantist for eighteen years and counting (project manager on Riven and beyond…) Love to explore/enjoy the outdoors more than about anything indoors. Love my job working with very talented/creative folks (“Folks” – Texan for “people”)

  • Karl

    • Name: Karl Johnson
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2003 (pretty much right out of High-School)
    • Karl started at Cyan late summer 2003, just after Vicki was hired on. Generally, he works on gameplay, but he’s done a bit of everything programming related. Since he started in 2003, he has worked in about every department at Cyan, except for Art.

      He has been digging through Unreal 4 for the last couple months and has been using Unity for the last few years. Before that, he was scripting in Plasma for Myst Online and URU.

      Twitter: @smapty
      Email: [email protected]

  • Rand

    • Name: Rand Miller
    • Year Started at Cyan: The beginning
    • Rand Miller is a trailblazer in the video game industry – meaning he has gray hair. He co-founded Cyan about 30 years ago and has developed everything from MMO’s to mobile apps, including the blockbusters Myst and Riven. His passion is discovery, and when he’s not exploring the real world with his wife, he concocts ideas of strange places that can only be explored virtually. Even though Myst is now officially a museum-piece, he optimistically feels that the best years lie ahead.

  • Josh

    • Name: Josh Van Veldhuizen
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2007
    • Josh began working at Cyan in 2007 and has tested a wide variety of projects over the years. Besides testing, he’s also one of the oldest members of Cyan Burger Club, the premier organization for burger and grill enthusiasts. When he’s not testing games Josh is probably reading books, playing poker or Starcraft, or using his non stick waffle maker.

  • Ryan

      • Name: Ryan Warzecha
      • Year Started at Cyan: 2003

    Ryan started with Cyan in the summer of 2003. Working directly with the community on the Uru Project, he then moved into a production / management role on Myst V and Cosmic Osmo : Hex Isle. As the Project Manager on Obduction, Ryan is very excited for Cyan to release a brand new IP to the backer community. When not working on Obduction, Ryan can be found in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho with his wife and child.

  • Rich

    • Name: Richard “RAWA” Watson
    • Year Started at Cyan: 1992
    • RAWA has been at Cyan as long as anyone here can remember. We can’t seem to get rid of him. Fortunately, he rarely bites and is (mostly) house-broken. Oh, and he brings us eggs.

  • Lloyd

    • Name: Lloyd Woodall
    • Year Started at Cyan: 2015
    • Lloyd has an awesome family, including an awesome wife and awesome daughter, an awesome dog, two awesome cats, and an awesome goldfish with the paradoxical name “Dinky.”
      Harlan Ellison’s eyes would twirl spirals at the overabundant use of awesome in this bio.
      Lloyd started at Cyan on Groundhog Day and nothing has been the same since. He now has an awesome job to match all the other awesome stuff in his life.

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