Cyan Updates Website and Logo!

You may have noticed that in the last week we’ve managed to sneak in a brand spankin’ new Cyan logo to a few of our sites. That’s just the start of the changes. We’re happy to announce that we’ve also done a major update to our website – redesigning, reorganizing, refreshing, & rebuilding. We hope you like the changes.

With the logo, as well as the website, we’re going for a cleaner look with a subtle harkening back to our roots. The new simpler logo, has elements from every logo that we’ve had over the years – starting from our very first blue ball and continuing all the way through our most recent metallic, planetary, wireframe extravaganza.

Feel free to explore around the site. We’ve managed to keep things light and fun, and we’ve even thrown in a few things to make our long-time fans chuckle. If you manage to find any issues, please let us know at [email protected], and we’ll try to get it fixed.

Thanks again for all the support. We’re looking back, and looking forward. We know some of you may get tired of hearing this, but…

“Perhaps the ending has not yet been written.” – Atrus (Myst)

Cyan Logo History Small

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