From the Newsroom – November 2019

Obduction Updates

Latest Obduction update now available on all platforms!
We’ve recently released the PS4 / PSVR update for Obduction, which brings the game in line with the released versions for Mac and Windows! This major update contains bug fixes along with improvements made to overall performance and VR in general.

Obduction is available at the following stores:

Mysterium 2020

A message from the fine folks that put on the Mysterium convention every year:

The busy guildsmen of the Mysterium Committee are hard at work planning for Mysterium 2020! The city is Washington DC and the dates are August 7 through 9, so mark your calendars! This year’s theme, inspired by Myst IV: Revelation, is Haven and Spire: red vs blue, Sirrus vs Achenar. The puzzles are going to be delightful. We’ll have hotel news Soon. For more information, check out our website at

P.S. if you weren’t at Mysterium 2019, or want to relive how much fun it was, videos of the event are now up on the website!

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  • Gordon Kurowski November 14, 2019  

    I am so glad to be a supporter of a game company that exercises brain functions. I’m not as old as Eugene, but I was captivated by Myst, shared it with many friends, and my daughter was brought up on it, we played the sequels together. I believe much like teaching a child chess, that the Cyan games helped in her development.
    I noted the update mentioned bringing the VR versions of Obduction into alignment with the Mac and Windows version, I was wondering if any part of the update extends to the Mac or Windows versions.

    • Jeff November 18, 2019  

      Thanks for your note! The Obduction update, which does include VR improvements for platforms that support it, first rolled out on Windows PC and macOS, so yes, these platforms do have the update. The PS4 / PSVR update rolled out a later date. Please note that macOS does not support the VR aspect of Obduction. If you’re after additional clarification on the specifics of the update, please feel free to reach out to [email protected]. Thanks!

  • John L. McDonough November 14, 2019  

    Is there an update for Obduction that fixes the fact that I can;t pass through the Transporter wall on the rotating bridge in Kaptar. Do I need to do something first.? I have the elevator down from Kaptar and rotated the bridge twice to the right and can’t get through the “wall” at the end of the
    bridge… Help!

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Hey there! I’d recommend shooting a quick email to [email protected]… They’ll be better equipped to answer than I’m going to be able to in the comments section. Best of luck!

  • D'br-ah. November 14, 2019  

    August in DC? Oh dear Lord, it’s gonna be SO hot down there, that time of year! I may see if I can finally muster the finances to attend!

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Haha! That was my first thought as well… But I know it’ll be worth it!

  • Rehlyihmah November 14, 2019  

    Hi Jeff,

    just leaving a little comment to tell you that you’re writing the best newsletters. Bringing a smile to my face on a workday sadly devoid of fun puzzles and linking books 🙁

    One of these days I need to get a VR-ready PC to enjoy Obduction in its 3D glory.

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Whoa, that’s really nice of you to say! Thanks! I’ll do my best to keep ’em coming!

  • Eugene Wilson November 14, 2019  

    Hello Myst teem, I don’t remember what year I picked up Myst, It was at Target and I believe I was running Windows 95. I am now 74 and still looking for new adventures.
    Thanks: Gene

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Thanks so much for your long-time support! It really is why we keep doing it! Best wishes!

  • George W Cherry November 14, 2019  

    Hope you are re- releasing the 7 Cyan games?. I played the old ones many moons ago, “ great games “.

  • Eldon Dehart November 14, 2019  

    Love your games. have most all of them. just saying hi from a old Spokane native. Graduated central valley in ’73

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Thank you, and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

  • Duane Fay November 14, 2019  

    I never had the opportunity to redeam my copy of Obduction from the kickstarter campaign. Is there any way I can still receive my copy?

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