screen-moldy-dungeon-02Cosmic Osmo was first released in 1989. It received rave reviews from computer and mainstream press alike. Newsweek touted it as an engrossing cartoon voyage and named it the best computer game of 1989. Osmo split the scene years ago, but fans have long cherished the characters and adventure in these whimsical worlds, anxiously awaiting his return.

Cosmic Osmo is back. However, Osmo has been banished to the Hex Isles and needs your help to make his escape and find his space ship again. The goal of Hex Isle is simple: guide Osmo over hexagonal shaped tiles (hexes) to touch six targets, thus completing the level and helping him escape.

(Unfortunately, a current version of Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle is not available. Oh sure, we’ve got a few boxes at Cyan, but, Dan, we need your help to bring it back. Dan?)

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