It’s official: Mysteria Film Group gets option to Myst movie

After all the late nights and weekends that they’ve put into the grassroots movement to bring Myst to the big screen, Patrick and Adrian, founders of the the Mysteria Film Group (MFG), are ready to pitch officially. MFG has acquired the option to Myst: The Book of Ti’ana from Cyan. What that means is that Cyan has entrusted the keys to the movie to MFG, so they can take the material they’ve created and the connections that they’ve made and officially pitch it, shop it, sell it, and shoot it.

Every grassroots movement anticipates the moment when the roots are strong enough to push a shoot through the earth. This is that moment! Now with a bit of water, sunshine, and a great big John Deere 458, 4895, and 896 we may get to make hay!

Here is the link!

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