• Name: Mark DeForest (aka Chogon)
  • Year Started at Cyan: Jan, 1995
  • Industry Experience: Manhole Masterpiece, Riven, Myst, realMyst, Uru (and all expansion packs), Myst V, MystOnline:UruLive, Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle, MagiQuest Online, Mars Live, Storybricks, Lilly Looking Through. And a bunch of unreleased games: *o*o* *o**** o**o, ****, *******, o******o*, o******, **** (Sorry, that got redacted. Oh, wait. One of them might get released!)
  • Favorite Food: Pho (Thanks Chanh!)
  • Games playing: “Badland”(I like moody games) and “An Alien with a Magnet” (and I like goofy games)
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