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New realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Now Available

Spokane, WA, February 11, 2014 — Celebrating 20 years since the original release of Myst, Cyan, Inc. announces the availability of realMyst: Masterpiece Edition – a completely updated version of realMyst for MacOS and Windows. realMyst: Masterpiece Edition delivers the rich story and gameplay of the original Myst in a visually and aurally stunning, dynamic, realtime 3D experience updated for today’s computers and graphics cards.

Myst was originally released in 1993 to both critical and popular acclaim. Its storyline, environments, graphics, music, and interface created an award winning experience that made it the best-selling game of the last millennium. realMyst: Masterpiece Edition shakes that original adventure forward – updating the journey to a state-of-the-art experience. The realtime 3D environment allows for complete freedom of motion and viewing – with seamless movement from place to place. And the new, easy-to-use Classic Mode navigation option provides a simple point-and-click exploration that works just like the original Myst.

“This Masterpiece Edition of realMyst provides an amazing experience in a dynamic 3D world that’s as easy to explore as the original Myst,” said Rand Miller, cofounder of Cyan. “To explore the islands and Ages of Myst in realtime… it’s an amazing feeling. We wanted to recreate the Myst experience of 20 years ago but with the sophistication that today’s computer can deliver.”

The ease of the “classic” Myst interface was not an easy thing to implement. “We located and marked every still image location and angle from the original Myst in 3D space in realMyst.” said Jason Calvert, Sr. Software Engineer on the project. “The idea was to provide an uncompromising 3D experience with the simple point and click interface that made the original Myst accessible to anyone.”

The realtime version also makes possible visual enhancements such as day and night cycles, rippling water, waving branches, falling rain, moving clouds, setting suns, and more. And since exploration can take place at night, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition offers a unique new addition – a flashlight. The audio also benefits from realtime with sounds that emanate from specific locations and react realistically as the player explores. The addition of the Rime Age provides a reward for completing the journey.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is being launched at a price of $17.99US. It is available immediately for MacOS and Windows on Steam and the Mac App Store. For current owners of the original version of realMyst on Steam, there is a 33% loyalty discount.

About Cyan:

Cyan is an entertainment company located in Spokane, Washington. They are best known for Myst, Riven, and Myst Online: Uru Live. Cyan got its start in 1987 with the whimsical worlds for children – The Manhole. They currently maintain and update the Myst family of games, create mobile apps of all sizes (including realMyst, Myst, Riven, Stoneship, Bug Chucker, and The Manhole), and run the Myst Online server on a donation basis.

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