Myst Patch 1.0.1 Release Notes

Patch 1 for Myst is now available!

Coming soon to a future patch: A journaling system & localization.


  • Beautified a ton of aesthetic issues
  • Polished up a ton of texture/mesh issues
  • Ripped out a ton of paging issues
  • Smoothed out a ton of LOD issues
  • Shined up a ton of lighting issues
  • Knocked down a ton of collision issues
  • Silenced a ton of sound issues
  • Chiseled down a ton of polygon issues
  • Exterminated a ton of gnarly bugs


  • Increased controller stick dead-zone to help drift issues in free-roam
  • Changed teleport / free-roam fast switch toggle button to the Y button
  • Added player prompts for navigating to book, opening settings, and resetting player height

Main Menu

  • Updated various text and options for improved clarity

Myst Island

  • Updated brothers’ books to close when player walks away
  • Changed the ratio of the clocktower controls to the clock hands
  • Fixed the tower rotation so it faces correctly from the outside
  • Updated the breaker switch ladders to allow climbing using the sides of ladder
  • Fixed the hum in the power lines being on all the time
  • Updated piano randomization drawings in the Selenitic book
  • Fixed randomized clocktower solution issue
  • Fixed context subtitles when pressing the piano keys in the rocketship
  • Fixed trap books to play the “Extra” video only after fireplace code is mentioned
  • Fixed upside-down gravestone D’ni writing (That was a test!)
  • Adjusted fireplace pattern button visuals to better match pattern book
  • Added text to tower rotation painting to indicate rotation
  • Fixed falling issue that would sometimes happen climbing the breaker ladders when using quick travel
  • Updated generator room digits to show 00 instead of 88 by default


  • Fixed a visibility issues with the islands
  • Decreased the lighting in certain areas of the age
  • Fixed the interior stairs getting out of sync with collision
  • Updated reflection captures in Mechanical hallway floors
  • Added text to Fortress Rotation Simulator
  • Fortress Rotation Simulator will now reset its rotation when you leave the device


  • Fixed the door handles that sometimes required more than one pull to open
  • Fixed the lighthouse light only appearing in the left half of the telescope
  • Fixed a persistence issue with the generator crank position
  • Improved the rib cage shadow in Achenar’s room
  • Added new waving torn sails to ship
  • Added fish to underwater views


  • Removed the Mazerunner sound clue at the end of the maze
  • Fixed the waterfall clipping through cliff
  • Fixed a persistence issue with the control panel doors
  • Fixed the spaceship door appearing open from the antenna control video feed
  • Added meteor showers
  • Fixed satellite sound issue where non-static sounds would follow you around the island


  • Fixed water pipe extension to turn water off/on correctly
  • Optimized changes to improve sight-lines of some things like ropes, bridges, and huts
  • Updated Achenar’s imager device buttons to light up when pressed
  • Adjusted pose of Armillary in Sirrus’ bedroom
  • Fix for some water pipes playing water sounds even if you turned off the main valve