I’ve run out of pens and paper while working on the puzzles in your games! Can I use my computer to write to Cyan? 

Absolutely! Email is, in fact, both the most reliable, and the quickest means to get a response from us! We have a number of different email addresses, depending on specifically what you want to ask us about. Please read the descriptions below and choose accordingly. 

Email & Web Support:

  • [email protected] — Is one of our webpages returning error messages? This is the email to use for support requests about our websites.
  • [email protected] — Is there a problem with one of our games or products? Please email Cyan’s Support Team and provide as much information as possible to help them investigate your issue.
    • Incoming tickets are reviewed on weekdays between 9am and 5pm, Pacific Time, and replied to in the order they are received.
  • [email protected] — General questions about Cyan Worlds or products. Unsolicited job applications or resumes are not accepted.
  • [email protected] — Use this to request review copies of our games, interviews, or other press-related information.
  • [email protected] — Check our legal page. If your legal information question isn’t answered there, use this email to send your question to the Cyan legal team.
  • http://support.ubi.com — Any issues with Myst boxed products published by Broderbund/Ubisoft should visit this site for help first.
I’d like to visit you! How can I get in touch with someone at Cyan?
PLEASE NOTE: Cyan does not allow office tours or visits – whether spontaneous or scheduled. Thank you for your understanding in this matter

That said…Cyan has on occasion held events for the public. When we’re able to once more, we’d love to have you join us for one of those, meet the team, take a guided tour, get some pictures, etc! The best way to be kept in the loop on when these events will be taking place is to subscribe to the Cyan Insider newsletter, where we’ll announce all the details.

Hurm. Well, I guess I could write a letter…

You can indeed! Let’s keep the Post Offices open! Here’s our snail mail address: 

Cyan, Inc.

14617 North Newport Highway

Mead, Washington 99021-9378

We love to hear from fans, and we can’t fully express how much we appreciate your dedication to our creations, but all our resources are focused on making the games and things you love. With that in mind…

We can’t guarantee a reply to any letter.
Additionally, we will not be able to accept delivery of any collectibles, books, papers, or ancient artifacts you ship to us to have signed.

As mentioned above, Cyan occasionally holds events for the public. To have your favorite Myst collectible signed, please look for the next event we hold at our offices and bring the item along. Thank you for understanding.