“Translations Achieved” Patch!

Hello, everyone! Our “Translations Achieved” Patch (aka Patch 3) for Myst on Quest is now out!

We are happy to announce that for the first time ever, all text/subtitles in Myst have been fully localized for various languages (more information on that below).

Achievements are now a part of the game as well, in case you are seeking an extra challenge to collect them all!

We are planning a future patch for our journaling/screenshot system, but in the meantime, you can continue to use the Oculus system-level screenshot tool to take note of what you see in the game.

– Fixed a few more polygons
– Fixed a few more textures
– Fixed a few more meshes
– Fixed a few more collisions
– Fixed a few more LODs
– Fixed a few more paging issues
– Added Achievements

– Added localization (French, Italian, German, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Japanese, & Chinese (Simplified))
– Fixed drawers being over-pulled

Main Menu
– Added an option to teleport to a safe spot to avoid stuckage
– Fixed menus – no opening while teleporting

Myst Island
– Fixed grabbing a book after… it might not be there
– Fixed a disappearing Selenitic book
– Fixed a sound issue with Achenar’s chest
– Added wind sound in the tower when appropriate
– Fixed the interior of planetarium from magically vanishing

– Fixed the elevator door closing on player… to avoid injury
– Fixed the exhaust sound not being played sometimes

– Fixed lighting in the generator and Achenar’s room
– Fixed – no more standing on Sirrus’ deskSelenitic
– Fixed a lighting issue with the mazerunner

– Fixed the disappearing book room elevator handle

e2990-p16712 — Jenkins build 26