From the Newsroom – January 2020

Upcoming Changes to the Myst Online Forum and Cyan Forum

Shorah Explorers!

Cyan has been going through a bit of a refresh lately and as a result, we have a few announcements to share with you regarding the future of the Myst Online forums, the Cyan forums, and future community discussions.

On Tuesday, February 4th, Cyan will be archiving the Myst Online and Cyan Forums and they will become Read Only. This means you will continue to be able to read through the forums, but no longer be able to contribute to them. This also means registering an account for the forums will be turned off and this is effective immediately.

On Tuesday, June 16th, Cyan will archive publicly-accessible forum topics on the Myst Online and Cyan Forums for static perusal, and we will no longer host/serve our dynamic forums sites. Because of this, we encourage users to archive any direct messages or specific forum threads they wish to keep personally before this change takes effect.

Why are we doing this?

As many of you know (from first hand experience!) the Myst Online and Cyan forums run on outdated software and due to this fact, the automated reply and notification system no longer works. Cyan’s support team has been fielding support for the registration process and manually administering forum activations for some time now.

We have met several times to discuss a good solution for the future of the forums and rather than convert the forum to a new software, we have decided that the time has come to move forward and archive the forums.

Where will Explorers turn for technical assistance with MOULa in the future?

Cyan’s support team is updating the Cyan Support FAQ with answers to MOULa’s common technical issues prior to the forums being fully archived. You can find this FAQ on For all other issues that don’t have solutions listed on our Cyan Support FAQ, [email protected] is your contact for assistance.

Where does the community go now?

For future communications, we have decided to centralize all community discussions over on our Official Cyan Chat Discord server located here: This Discord server will be the place where the Cyan team will interact directly with our community and where our community members have a place to chat about all things Cyan, including MOULa.

Is the Official Cyan Chat Discord server an ‘official Cyan’ server?

Yes, it is. Ownership of the server was transferred to Cyan recently.

Many of you are already members of the Official Cyan Chat Discord server, but those of you who aren’t, head on over and get signed up to join the rest of the community!

TL;DR The Mystonline Forum and Cyan Forum will be Read Only on Feb 4, 2020. And these forums will disappear on June 16, 2020.

Upcoming Changes on Social Media

While we’re shuffling things around a bit, we’re also taking the opportunity to consolidate our presence on our various social media channels in an effort to make it a bit less work to manage, and to narrow the places everyone has to check in order to stay in the loop with official Cyan communications. To that end, we will look forward to seeing all your smiling faces at the following social media coordinates:

As of Feb 4, 2020 we will be sunsetting the following social media channels:

  • Myst Facebook
  • Obduction Facebook
  • Firmament Facebook
  • Myst Twitter
  • Obduction Twitter
  • Firmament Twitter
  • Myst Instagram
  • Firmament Instagram

But why, Cyan, why?!

The rationale is this: we have a small team here at Cyan, and an even smaller subset of the team is responsible for the social media/marketing/pr/communication/etc… Lots of us wear multiple hats day-to-day, and time spent managing social media means we’re not working on something else… Or often more than one something else!

So… rather than continuing to “act bigger than we are” and stretch ourselves so thin that we don’t make solid forward progress on the things that really matter- the games- we made the tough decision to limit the number of communications channels we use and monitor.

This means we have less we have to pay attention to… and means you guys don’t have to pay attention to as many different things either (frustration with the number of communication channels we’ve supported has been a theme we keep hearing from the fanbase as well…).

Just to be crystal clear… Cyan isn’t going anywhere and everything is still actively being worked on… We’re just streamlining how we communicate and the various forum platforms we support so we can spend more time on the stuff you really want us to be working on, instead of managing band-aids on outdated messaging platforms and having to monitor 233 different social channels!

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  • Rawgi March 26, 2020  

    It is sad to see cyan go the way of many games by shutting down their forums. Kind of takes away the close association we thought we all had supporting Cyan. Now will we even see Firmament? Discord is not the way to connect with the devs, it serves to distance us to a one way communication. I hope I am wrong, but what are we to think when the new Cyan Ventures is supporting other games. Firmament has already been pushed back, I hope it gets done.

  • SEO Affiliate January 30, 2020  

    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Mary Johnson January 24, 2020  

    Y’all should consider something passive like Imgur. The community there loves to hear from industry professionals, and especially to see progress images of projects. You only spend as much time writing text only if you want to, and if you don’t, then a picture or two is more than good enough. Many of us there eschew the “mainstream” social medias in favor of something that has a better community feel and environment. And best of all, users are from all over the world and in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, since it’s also fed in part by Reddit users. I’m not employed by Imgur, but to my mind, it is one of the best social communities out there. There’s a few rules that may chafe the “normal” users, but we don’t mind. For instance, selfies are very much frowned upon and actively discouraged. Also, pets, especially cats, are very welcome. Politics also are not engaged in, for all the obvious reasons. What more could a person want? In any case, it’s worth a good looksee. BTW, I am a MYST fan of many years, and always will be.

  • Kyle January 23, 2020  

    Congrats on the remodel, and the streamlining makes perfect sense. Two thumbs up!

  • Dr CrisGer January 23, 2020  

    So this forum also is going to close?

    i am very sorry to hear this if it is so. Social Media is far from being actually social. it is one way communication with punctuation …not a real exchange. IT is a disaster for our culture and for game communities. I am sorry that it has been overhwelming for the staff and can understand the need to focus on actual work for the games and the Cyan dreams. I hope you may reconsider at some point for the “print” forum has proven a very valueable and successful means of thoughtful communication over time, just as actual print books are far better for many reasons than digital print.

    thanks for letting us know your decisions.
    Dr CrisGer

  • Joe January 22, 2020  

    Looking at those renos brings back old nasty souvenirs, but when all will be done, it will feel like a fresh start.

  • Norman Barrington January 22, 2020  

    New carpets – great! But I trust you can still manage to finish Firmament, don’t seem to hear much about it…..

  • Christopher January 22, 2020  

    233, I see what you did there.

    • Jeff January 22, 2020  

      I think I’m funny! 😉

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