Myst Patch 1.0.2 Release Notes

Well hello, everyone! Patch 2 for Myst on Quest is now out!

– Sculpted out a ton more polygon issues
– Triturated up a ton of textures (game size reduced by about 25%!)
– Amalgamated a ton more mesh issues
– Repaired a ton more collision issues
– Tamped down a ton more LOD issues
– Embellished a ton more aesthetic issues
– Decomposed a ton more music issues
– Rived out a ton more paging issues
– Illuminated a ton more lighting issues
– Muted a ton more sound issues
– Extirpated a ton more gnarly bugs

– Quick travel icon goes away after use
– Snap turn degrees now accurately reflects the number of degrees you end up actually turning

Main Menu
– Added snap turn options for 60 degrees
– Fixed held objects from appearing in menu
– Fixed the disappearing laser pointers after credits
– Updated randomization text (based on user feedback)
– Moved controller diagram so it is larger

Myst Island
– Added music to the tower (under certain conditions)
– Changed “page to shelf” animation to prevent clipping
– Fixed an Achenar video that would play inside the fireplace
– Fixed “cancel” sound when attempting to delete an Imager message
– Adjusted Stoneship ceiling fan to continue turning while linking
– Fixed planetarium day of the month digit issue
– Fixed sticky imager door when player walks away
– Adjusted quick travel region on generator stairs
– Added collision to counterweight in the clocktower
– Added safety net collision areas around library hallway
– Fixed random golden-colored object issue

– Fixed certain doors issues with save and load
– Fixed misaligned fortress rotation issue
– Adjusted collision near the bridge
– Fixed an issue with the electric cage switch

– Added fish to the water outside of the book room
– Added new grates to the left and right halls
– Removed the amazing feature of the hanging key infinitely swinging into the lock 🙁
– Fixed finicky door handles in the compass room
– Fixed the “below the water” chest key issue

– Fixed a sticky bunker door button after save and load
– Fixed misbehaving waveforms issue
– Fixed Mazerunner interior issue after save and load from certain location

– Fixed items in drawers being outside of drawers
– Changed the rotation max of the elevator levers
– Fixed temple imager freeze frame issue
– Adjusted the washed out torn note in Sirrus’ room
– Removed the ability to teleport onto the roof of Achenar’s room
– Fixed location of gameplay context subtitles for the water pipe

(and much, much more that we can’t mention because… spoiler!)

e2659-p15479 — Jenkins build 1157