What is Cyan Ventures?

Cyan Ventures is Cyan’s new publishing arm for indie developers. Having had the privilege to build compelling, immersive worlds for the past 30 years, we feel now is the time to help other independent studios. We started Ventures to encourage visionary VR experiences and to promote developers to experiment and explore new possibilities in VR storytelling. As we grow, we are always looking for innovative titles that provide a new perspective in the gaming industry in any form.



Why Cyan Ventures?

We don’t want to change your vision. We are a group of talented developers who want to help other developers express their art. Are you a developer who wants to try something new and a little risky? These are the projects we are looking for: The ones that need a little push and could use a little help to make possible. While we want to be solvent enough to continue to provide this avenue for other developers, our goal is not to tell you what your project is — that’s your role. Ours is to support you in your endeavor.

We are a small indie company, so we don’t have huge amounts of cash laying around. But we’ve found that some indie projects just need a bit of financial help, development advice, marketing resources, and a dash of encouragement to make it across the finish line. If you’re an indie developer in that situation, let’s talk.




How many projects are you involved in?

We’ve started with Zed, a project by Chuck Carter, one of the amazing, world-building artists who worked with us on Myst. Zed is a lovely and deeply moving VR experience.

More about ZED