What is Cyan Ventures?

Cyan Ventures is an extension of Cyan that we hope will encourage visionary VR experiences by offering support to indie developers. We think that the time is right to experiment and explore the new possibilities in VR storytelling. Having had the privilege to build compelling, immersive worlds for the past 30 years, we see VR as a natural, powerful evolution in storytelling. In our own small way, we want to help foster and support indie developers who feel the same way.

How many projects are you involved with?

We’re starting with Zed, a project by Chuck Carter, one of the amazing, world-building artists who worked with us on Myst. Zed is a lovely and deeply moving VR experience.

Will you support my project?

Cyan Ventures is a small indie company, so we don’t have huge amounts of cash laying around. But we’ve found that some indie projects just need a bit of cash, a bit of development advice, some marketing help, and a dash of encouragement. If you’re an indie developer in that situation then maybe we should talk. Email us at [email protected] 


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