Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle

Cosmic Osmo was first released in 1989. It received rave reviews from computer and mainstream press alike. Newsweek touted it as an engrossing cartoon voyage and named it the best computer game of 1989. Osmo split the scene years ago, but fans have long cherished the characters and adventure in these whimsical worlds, anxiously awaiting his return.

Cosmic Osmo is back. However, Osmo has been banished to the Hex Isles and needs your help to make his escape and find his space ship again. The goal of Hex Isle is simple: guide Osmo over hexagonal shaped tiles (hexes) to touch six targets, thus completing the level and helping him escape.

(Unfortunately, a current version of Cosmic Osmo’s Hex Isle is not available. Oh sure, we’ve got a few boxes at Cyan, but, Dan, we need your help to bring it back. Dan?)




Stoneship: The Curse of a Thousand Islands

Arrrgh! So you think you want to sail the seven seas? How about helping patrol the Thousand Islands! There are a lot of oceans out there with countless islands – and boatloads of pirates and sea monsters who would like to steal treasure and shiver your timbers. Your brilliance and your ability to amass a loyal crew are the only things standing in their way.

So avast the vastness – man the cannons – and set sail to restore peace and order to the high seas.




Bug Chucker

The Galactic Bugship S.S. Treehugger, honored bastion and conveyor of the Great Tree, is under attack by the evil Sawz, the robotic minions of Lord Lahguh. Your mission is to help the dutiful bugs save their ship and preserve its precious cargo by ridding the universe of the Sawz, one galaxy at a time. Ready… aim… chuck!

Bug Chucker is a fun physics artillery game with a whole different galactic gravitational perspective. It’s an easy game to learn and a blast to master.



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