Myst Patch Notes – Hands & More (1.8.0) – Quest

Hey all, the Hands & More patch is here for Myst on Quest! It’s packed with all sorts of features, including the long-awaited journal feature to help you keep track of things you come across in the game.

Major Highlights

  • Hand tracking is now supported.
  • Highly requested: Journaling (in-game screenshots) feature is now supported.
  • Cloud saves are now supported.
  • Polish and Russian localization has been added. Witamy na wyspie Myst… Добро пожаловать на остров Мист …!
  • Classic videos mode is now supported.
  • Motion controller orientation-locked movement (for smooth movement) is now supported.
  • Myst’s app size is now about 4GB smaller.
  • Tons of fixes and other improvements.

Hand Tracking

Hand tracking in Myst is here! If you have hand tracking enabled on the OS-level of your headset, you should now be able to easily swap between hand tracking and motion controllers while in Myst. Enjoy playing through Myst with the comfort of your own hands! If you are curious about the input mapping for this, you can check out the controller diagram for it in our Controls settings page in the menu while you have your hands tracked in the game.

Overall, the input schema is very simple: point with your dominant hand’s pointer finger to move or initiate a teleport, and stop pointing to complete the teleport or stop moving; make a thumbs-up gesture with your non-dominant movement hand and turn your wrist left or right to turn your in-game self; and make a fist to grab/open your fist to ungrab. It’s that simple! To interact with options in the menu and with Meta Quest OS, you use pinch gestures just like Meta Quest OS shows you how to do with their own menus while using hand tracking.

When using hand tracking on Quest, we highly recommend being in an environment that is well -lit, and keeping your hands within your field of view so that hand tracking can be as stable as possible. Note that hand tracking on Quest is currently not as reliable as using your motion controllers.

If you are encountering issues with your hand tracking setup and overall reliability inside and outside of Myst, we suggest checking out any tips from Meta’s documentation or support pages to improve your hand tracking area/experience. You may find that if your environment for hand tracking isn’t the “perfect” setup that you may have issues with tracking reliability, especially with grabbing things in Myst (when tracking reliability on fingers, as they are occluded, is low). However, Meta continues to push updates that improve this experience and we hope to see it continue to flourish! If you have any feedback about our hand tracking implementation in Myst or run into any Myst-specific issues with it, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected].


The feature that many of you have been waiting for has arrived! You are now able to take in-game screenshots with the “B” button on your controller and view them in the menu’s photo album to help you reference things you come across throughout the game without having to take your headset off to write something down, or access the OS-level photo album. This feature is now in full parity with what is available in Myst on other platforms!

Cloud Saves

With our engine upgrade came the ability for users to have cloud saves in Myst! If you ever need to uninstall Myst to make room for other applications you’d like to play, have no fear – your save games are stored in the cloud on Meta’s end and will be accessible the next time you reinstall the game.

Classic Videos Mode

Do you miss the videos from the original 1993 release of Myst? Well, this feature is for you! In our display settings menu, there is now a “Classic Videos Mode” option that you can enable that allows you to watch the original videos for most character interactions in the game (spoiler: except for the ones where you are able to get up close to some of them!), with the caveat that they do not have subtitles (yet). Enjoy watching & listening to the original cast performances from Rand and Robyn Miller!

Other fixes/improvements

We’ve worked hard this past year to bring many improvements to the Quest version of Myst. There should be much fewer hitches throughout the game, better playability in a “fully roomscale” environment (walking around in an open area), fine-tuned sound and music environments in ages, updated textures, and more.

Extra Notes/Support

As always, we would appreciate hearing about any issues you have through email at [email protected]. We do not plan for this to be the last patch update to Myst, so keep your ear to the floor for more improvements to come. Thank you so much for your support!
~ Hannah @ Cyan