An Update on Firmament

Backers, fans, friends, and all who have supported the team at Cyan on our journey on Firmament, thank you for reading this update. 

We understand your frustration at the long wait we’ve all already endured, and – like you – we really wanted to get the game in your hands THIS year rather than delay it into next year.

We won’t candy coat this: Firmament is delayed to the First Quarter of 2023. 

Here’s why: we do not want to give you anything less than our best. Our best – as is the case for game developers all around the world, large or small – takes time.

Very simply, if we release Firmament without taking a little extra time to put the finishing touches and polish on it, we would not be serving you, Firmament’s Backers and Cyan’s devoted fans, as you deserve.   

We know how lucky we are to be able to make games for you. We’re luckier still to have your dedicated support as we make our living doing this. It’s your patience and understanding that carries us through the hardest times. Knowing that you know and trust we are here, working to bring you the very best game experience we can, uplifts us every day. 

Thank you for being on our side. 

~The team at Cyan