How To Vote For The Firmament OST At WSA

Hey Friends! The Firmament soundtrack (by @maclainediemer) is a WSA Game Music Award nominee… But to win it needs YOUR vote. Unfortunately… voting requires registration. (Ugh. We know. We wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important.) Would you consider voting? Details below…

Step 1: Create an account at the Film Fest Gent (FFG) website.… (They’ll ask you to verify your email address, sooo… No COMPLETELY fake email addresses, I’m afraid.)

Step 2: Once you’ve verified your email address select “Vote for the WSA Game Music Award” on the FFG website

Step 3: Find Firmament and click on the little Plus on the right… The scroll back to the top of the page and click “Submit.”

Step 4: It’ll ask you to confirm your selection. Hit “Submit” one last time.

Step 5: That’s it! Maybe tell a friend to vote?

Thanks so much! We know it’s a hassle to jump through all the hoops, but the awards aren’t ONLY for vanity! As an indie studio they are SUPER helpful to raise awareness. (Which gives us the runway to make MORE games!)