A Window Into Cyan’s R&D Efforts for Firmament

Cyan has a strong history of pushing the boundaries visually with each game we produce, and the work we’re doing with our latest project- Firmament- is no exception. This often means that we have to engage in a fair amount of Research and Development to add functionality to the tools that we use. Here’s a video we recently put together with our Art Director Eric where he shows us some of the behind the scenes work it takes to make the world we’re building look as fantastic as possible!

Cyan's R&D Efforts

Firmament is an entirely new property – the beginning of another exciting new Cyan universe. It is a deeply immersive narrative adventure game for both VR and PC that is delivered using the state-of-the-art power of Unreal Engine 4. Firmament will be designed for VR on the Rift, Vive, PSVR, and Index, but will be completely playable on normal flat monitors on Windows, macOS, and PS4 as well.

As an aside, if you haven’t had a chance to back our campaign to help support the creation of Firmament, it’s not too late! We are still offering everyone a chance to get the game as well as the exclusive backer rewards we offered during the Kickstarter over at Fangamer. These rewards won’t be available once the game is released, and if you’re the sort of person (like us) who digs having a physical boxed version of the game (We see you! We hear you!) this is the ONLY time you’ll be able to get your hands on one!

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  • HL Bent February 26, 2020  

    Firmament. If you want it to become permanent, add smell. Todays science allows scents to be combined like inks make colors. Odors evoke strong memory recall. A small hardware odor generator linked to the game experience will forever etch into our memory and you will become the game leader of all time. I believe many will pay the fee required to immerse themselves so completely. With the large screens we have today, you may need to state a warning: Caution wandering the firmament might cause an awesome time travel experience. It is advisable not to have appointments when starting to play.
    Add a visual concept involving the perfect natural shape of the honeycomb. The six sided cell has amazing properties.
    Add a story line involving a chance meeting, of a character, that is inviting, yet mysterious and elusive. Chance sightings, missed attempts to reach. Curiosity is a genetic program we all have imbedded in us.
    Finally, keep up the good work, recreation and fun is vital to living a better life.

  • Davis Hall February 25, 2020  

    Hope there’s a Mac version.

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