The Cyan Vault

Exploring in the Cyan Vaults #1

The Cyan Vault

The Cyan Vault

Down a secret staircase. Through a hidden hallway. Around an unexpected corner. Through a locked door… lies the Cyan Vault. A treasure trove of history about Cyan, the games, and the folks that have made them. Oh, my friend! The wonders that I have seen…

This week I stumbled upon a stack of early work that the Riven team did to explore the logo and brand that eventually became the Riven logo and brand we all know and love!

As a “branding guy” myself. I always find looking through this sort of work fascinating and seeing how things developed over time, and I hope you do too!

Do you want to see more from the vault? Let me know what you think on Twitter and if y’all are as curious about all this stuff as I am, I’ll do my best to get some of these things into your hands!

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  • K. November 18, 2019  

    This IS very cool to see, thank you! I love getting to see the design process behind a familiar logo.

    • Jeff November 18, 2019  

      Thanks for taking the time to drop us a note! More to come, for sure…

  • Евгений November 15, 2019  

    Мист это приключение которое навсегда запомнилось и оставило след. Я считаю что это культовая игра. Это как Битлз в музыке. Конечно хочется продолжения.

  • Stefanos November 15, 2019  

    Count me in, I’ll click everytime I see a Riven related email.

    • Jeff November 18, 2019  

      Can’t guarantee that every one is going to be Riven related… but… I have a lot of Riven material, so I’ll do my best to make sure it’s getting covered! Thanks for your comment!

  • Farran November 15, 2019  

    Myst and Exile are a large part of my formative childhood years, approved by my relatively conservative (at the time) parents, and greatly appeasing my inquisitive, curious, code-breaking mind! Many recent experiences (almost 20 years later) have enabled me to trace brain structure roots back to the wonders of Myst universes! I also began to recognise some good messages delivered via the games.

    Thanks Jeff, please do share as much as you want!

    Farran 🙏🏻

    • Jeff November 18, 2019  

      Will do! Thanks for leaving a comment! 🙂

  • Squee Dni November 15, 2019  

    [Places hand on the Journey Cloth] I would love to explore more from the Vault. [Spoiler] Let us know when you find the hidden door at the back! Can you find a board game? I seem to remember the idea of one years ago. I heard there were draft versions of the “Book of Atrus”! Anything Squee would also be wonderful.

    • Jeff November 18, 2019  

      Thanks for writing! Many more Vault updates to come!

  • Nick November 14, 2019  

    Myst and Riven were huge influences on me growing up and I’ve kept a sentimental spot for them. So great to see you folks continuing the legacy and making new content.

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment!

  • Phillip Senn November 14, 2019  

    My wife fell in love with the multi-player aspect of Uru.
    Q: Is Uru ever coming back the way it used to be?

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      While there isn’t anything currently in the works, I’d also say “never say never!” Thanks!

  • Taylor Flanagan November 14, 2019  


    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Working on it!! 🙂 Thanks for your support!

  • ashenviper November 14, 2019  

    Please, please, give us more. I have dreams about that Vault.

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      …and I have so much to show you! Stay tuned, more on the way. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Jussi Kosonen November 14, 2019  

    More please! Thankyou for the good idea!!!

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      You bet! And thank you for your support!

  • alex November 14, 2019  

    Yes – this is so cool! More please! 🙂

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Consider it done! Thanks so much for your support!

  • Rob Higgs November 14, 2019  

    Everything from MYST onwards is so precious to us having grown up with them. Please keep sharing – your overseas fans welcome the chance to explore the vaults from afar (even from roasting Australia).

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Will do! Thanks for leaving a message!

  • John Drake November 14, 2019  

    Absolutely, my house is decked out with Riven pictures and framed discs plus a giant map so everything is welcome

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Sweet! I’ll do my best to keep ’em coming, then! Thanks!

  • Wil November 14, 2019  

    I would like to see everything. And then I’d like to see more!

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Noted! I’m already working on the next one! Thanks for your comment!

  • Melanie Hartmann November 14, 2019  

    Hello Cyan, it’s goodmorning here in the Netherlands, and I loved the Turkey intro in the mail.
    Really gave me a big smile, and that in the morning 😉
    And then opening the link to see how the Riven logo was created.
    Wow… go on ya guys … love it !!!

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Thanks so much for your kind comment and your support!

  • Ernst Wendrich November 14, 2019  

    Like Magaudda Paul sais, I would love to see more. Much more of all of it!! It’s like being a kid in a candy store 🙂

    I still have the DVD version of Riven in my posession and several other myst game on CD, as wel as all of the Myst games on Steam.

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      You got it. Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Dah'vyd November 14, 2019  

    This just took me back to my childhood, and having to catch a train to a friend’s place who had a powerful enough computer to run Riven! It was such a awe-inspiring experience exploring Riven, and this just brought me right back – thanks! 🙂

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Thanks for your comment… There’s more where this came from (much more!) so I’ll keep publishing stuff for as long as people are interested in it! 🙂

  • Aubrielle K. November 14, 2019  

    These games and your company were the inspiration, as a woman, who remembers the time parallel to very early consoles and grew up with an Apple II to graduate from college with a degree in programming . When it became more “fashionable” I returned to school for the art aspect of film/tv and games simply because I wanted to do and become what Cyan did. I was driven to think outside the box, and want to blend film and games just like Cyan did early on and much later (for me at least) revisited with Obduction. These games are the only reason I pushed through in an age that didn’t make for a likely profession as female ( at least in my dinosaur era). So thank you for showing these hidden gems and continuing to be an inspiration to everyone who has loved your games into the ages. Even now, in a time that is so much more friendly to the female (or honestly gamers/programmers of any spectrum!!) little snips like this remind me of my love and the passion that drove me to wade through all the rough, unwelcoming and trying times of the industry. Cyan were my formative years in gaming/programming and you all still continue to be formative in inspiration, expectation and passion for our community of united gamers. Please share my love with all and sundry. Keep the passion going!

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Thanks for leaving a comment and… wow! Thanks for sharing your story! It’s inspiring!

    • Monkey Joe December 20, 2019  

      Hey Jeff,
      The 2nd last picture of Riven with the dagger would make a very nice poster if sold in the store?

  • Travis November 14, 2019  

    Myst was the catalyst for my love of computers and by proxy computer games. Seeing this definitely brings me way back. Thank you for sharing this, I really appreciate it.

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      You bet! Much more to come, so stay tuned! 🙂

  • Artoveli November 14, 2019  

    Are you kidding? I’m in a constant state of starving for Cyanish minutia! Thank you for bringing us into the vault like this, and for helming the newsletter, Jeff. 😀

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Glad to be of service. Much more to come… This was but a dip of the toe into the pool!

  • Brent November 14, 2019  

    Love it, too!

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Thanks so much! More to come…

  • Rae Warfel November 14, 2019  

    Anything about Myst and the following stories would be great to read about. Glad you found the secret vault and had a key! Lol.

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Definitely more to come! Much like Prometheus stole fire from the Gods, I was forced to steal the key to the vault in order to release these secrets into the world! (OK, not really… But it SOUNDS cool. Lol!)

  • Chip November 14, 2019  

    As a loooooong time Myst fan who’s just entering the world of graphic design, this is absolute gold to me. I love seeing the process! Thank you for sharing!

  • Blake November 14, 2019  

    Awesome, growing up Myst (series) was one of my favorite learning escape games. Between Myst, The 7th Guest, and the Secret Island of Dr Quandary my computer time was often completely spoken for.

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Wow, we were definitely in good company with that lineup. Thanks so much for being a long-time fan!

  • Donna Gifford November 14, 2019  

    I love seeing this stuff. Takes me back to an earlier age of gaming. Please show it all a little at a time.

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Absolutely! There is enough stuff in the vault that we’ll have things to show for years to come!

  • Magaudda Paul November 14, 2019  

    Would love to see more!

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      To be honest, there’s so much cool stuff in the vault that even if nobody asked for it, I’d probably show it all anyway… ’cause it’s just all so cool! But thanks for taking the time to comment… It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who loves this stuff!

      • Paul November 14, 2019  

        Brilliant long term fan of the game series, great to see.

        • Jeff November 14, 2019  

          Thanks for your comment, AND even more for your long time support!

      • Zerofool November 14, 2019  

        Absolutely, keep them coming, Jeff!
        I’m sure there’s no Myst fan who would ever think “enough with this already” 🙂

        • Jeff November 14, 2019  

          Lol! You’re probably right… But I’m loving the confirmation from all y’all! More will definitely be forthcoming…

  • Ðruÿdangelo November 14, 2019  

    Very cool these conceptual arts.
    Finding these drafts today, having delighted me by Myst in 1995 and Riven in 1998 is amazing. A lot of nostalgia.
    Here in Brazil, access to these products was restricted and did not please most. I was lucky to find a version of Myst for 3DO in 1995 and it was love right in the first few clicks.
    Today I have Only Myst Exile in its original packaging for PC, version on 4 discs. Any disc in the series is considered rare here. I really appreciate the GOG website for providing modern PC-compatible versions.

    I look forward to more posts. Continue Jeff!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeff November 14, 2019  

      Love it! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

    • David November 14, 2019  

      Hey I played Myst in Brazil as well!

      • Jeff November 14, 2019  

        Thanks so much for your continued support!

    • Joe December 15, 2019  

      I really love reading anything related to the Myst Series and especialy Myst related icollections and creations other people have and/or made.

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