realMyst for iOS on iOS 13+ crashes at launch. Can this be fixed?

Please note: This issue was fixed in the current (Early April 2020) release of realMyst for iOS. If you still see this issue, please email [email protected] to report the behavior immediately.

The following behavior was seen only on iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 13+ installed.

We have received several reports that realMyst for iOS is crashing upon launch of the game and in testing, we found that the game is not actually crashing – the intro movie sequence is not playing which results in what appears to be a black screen. We found that this is also the case with the ‘good ending’ after Atrus tells you you can use the Myst book.

Until this issue is fixed, the possible work-arounds are to either wait approximately 2 minutes, then tap the screen to be transported into the game, or wait a full 5 minutes (the length of the intro sequence), to see the black screen resolve into the game properly. For the ‘good ending’ video, just tap the screen to continue.

Of course, you are welcome to seek a refund from Apple in lieu of waiting for a fix or using the suggested work-arounds.