Welcome to Crowbox!

Welcome to Crowbox! Here’s a rundown of some terms you should know as you use the app each day.
What is “Crowbox?”
Crowbox is a new way to share pictures between devices. It’s meant for when you’re together with friends or family, want to show them a picture, but don’t want to get too close. It’s like a projector and a screen — but the projector is one device, and the screens are other devices nearby.
Why “Crow”box?
“Crow” is a term for bragging about something – like your shepherd’s pie, your chihuahua, or your new nephew. Crowbox lets you Crow (show) your pictures to one or more people who can View them.
OK, so I’m a “Crower?”
Yes! And as the “Crower,” You control the show – switching to the next picture when you’re ready, zooming into a particular area, or spotlighting something interesting that you want to Crow about! The Viewer just enjoys the show.